• Jolina Galapia Isabela State University, Philippines
  • Ailyn Garcia Isabela State University, Philippines
  • Jun-Jun Ricortos Ramos Isabela State University, Philippines
  • Jiji Wasin Isabela State University, Philippines
  • Chenani Labog Isabela State University, Philippines


cassava, DOST, Kamoteng Kahoy, Cabatuanenses, etc.


Cassava is the edible, and root crops food among Filipino especially I the municipality of the Cabatuan which is it is one of their product that can do such as poached cassava, cassava cake and cassava roll but the researcher found out that cassava can also be a vinegar by the combination of sugar, yeast, and water through the process of fermentation which it aims to develop and determine the acceptability of cassava as vinegar that included a total of 15 untrained panelists that will purposively selected, 5 each from the faculty staff and students of Diamantina National High School by using experimental design which inference about the relationship of independent and dependent variables. Based on the result cassava is acceptable in making vinegar. The pH content of vinegar is 4% natural acidity. The researcher found out that cassava as vinegar has a good taste, the researcher also found out that the cassava as vinegar is safe as a condiments. Therefore it is recommended for the Cabatuanenses they must continue to plant a cassava because it can help them to put a small business wherein they can use cassava as their product to come up with the vinegar and use it as there condiments to come up with the good taste, for the Government they must gave their full support in making the kamoteng kahoy as a vinegar and give opportunity to promote the kamoteng kahoy as vinegar and DOST must gave fund, another one the young researcher we must continue to explore new things and try something that was useful in our lives and lastly for the other school they must try to do a vinegar that made of kamoteng kahoy.




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Galapia, J., Garcia, A., Ramos , J.-J. R., Wasin, J., & Labog, C. (2018). DEVELOPMENT AND ACCEPTABILITY OF KAMOTENG KAHOY AS VINEGAR. International Journal of Biomedicine & Life Sciences (IJBLS), 3(1), 1–13. Retrieved from